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Way Huge WHE208 Overrated Special

Joe Bonamassa vil ha sin overdrive frimodig og kraftfull, og det er presist hva Way Huge Overrated Special er designet for. Jeorge Tripps tok en gammel Green Rhino OD og ”hottet” den opp med et tydligere mid-omfang samt la til en 500Hz-kontroll for å gi mer punch til lave mid-toner.

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Overrated Special® Overdrive Info

Joe Bonamassa likes his overdriven sound bold and punchy, and the Way Huge Overrated Special™ Overdrive is designed to give the impeccable blues man just that. Jeorge Tripps took an old school Green Rhino OD, hot-rodded it for a more pronounced midrange, and added a 500Hz control so that Joe can punch up the low mids for his tasty, groovy licks. Volume, Tone, and Drive controls round out a straightforward user interface so you can plug in and get right to it. Run the Overrated Special OD in front of a clean amp for a gritty boost, or slam an already distorted channel for an electrifying surge of gain and sustain worthy of Joe Bonamassa’s searing leads