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Sonnox Oxford Limiter v3 HDX

Having crafted and refined your mix, join the growing number of professionals who have made the Oxford Limiter their default last insertion on stereo groups and mix buses alike.

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Innen 24 timer

Whether you’re after transparent peak limiting, loudness maximization or heavier creative effects, this Plug-In delivers. Advanced look-ahead processing and the unique Enhance function provide the sample-value limiting needed to reliably avoid clipping. Meter for and automatically correct otherwise invisible reconstruction overloads to confidently produce maximum levels and punch, whilst retaining clarity and transient detail.


  • Peak limiting with attack, release & variable soft-knee
  • Enhance section to increase perceived loudness 
  • Recon meter shows ‘actual' rather than sampled signal 
  • Auto Comp fixes recon errors without losing overall loudness 
  • Comprehensive dither and noise shaping options 
  • Great library of factory presets