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Deluxe Music      Thorvald Meyers Gate 33A      Oslo
22 80 53 00
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Deluxe Music

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The classic ‘87 is arguably the most widely-used large diaphragm condenser microphone in pop recording history. Rather than base our WA-87 circuit on current incarnations of this mic, we decided to closely follow the early circuit designs that date back nearly half a century. As is true with many classic microphones, engineers who have worked with different versions of these microphones often prefer the warmer, more forgiving nature of the earlier commercially available models. The desire to re-introduce the warm tone of this classic mic at an affordable price to an all new generation of recording artists was the inspiration behind the WA-87.
6780,- /stk
(5424,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1051011
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HD-35 har tredelt rygg, binding på gripebrett og Martins klassiske herringbone-innlegg.
35995,- /stk
(28796,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1052152
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Beat making powerhouse. Compact, rugged and to the point. Digitakt is a formidable drum machine. With an astounding feature set and an exquisite digital sound engine, the stage is set for a striking encounter.
7499,- /stk
(5999,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1052191
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The Prophet REV2 is Dave Smith’s reimagining of his Prophet ’08 poly synth — a modern classic that has appeared on countless recordings and stages since its debut in 2007. As Dave puts it, “The REV2 is the realization of our effort to enhance and improve everything we could about the original design — all at a more accessible price.”
15350,- /stk
(12280,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1051636
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ESI MoCo monitor controller provides perfect control over the playback volume of your studio monitors.
790,- /stk
(632,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1054013
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Active 8" Loudspeaker - 2000 Watt
7055,- /stk
(5644,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1052594
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KORG KROSS Mobile Music Workstation Kross er en portabel synth fullpakket med anvendelige funksjoner og lyder. KORG KROSS Mobile Music Workstation. Kross med 61-tangenter.
4295,- /stk
(3436,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1038557
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Audio enhancer. Audio destroyer Add sparkly brilliance, or grimy roughness, to any sound source. Samplers, drum machines, synths, the master bus, you name it. Analog Heat is a fiery furnace destined to make your music glow.
7295,- /stk
(5836,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1050498
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