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Deluxe Music      Thorvald Meyers Gate 33A      Oslo
22 80 53 00
Mandag-Fredag: 10-18      Lørdag: 11-16

Deluxe Music


The HYDRASYNTH keyboard is both a sound designers dream synth as well as a performing musicians ideal. The sound engine is designed for maximum flexibility. At the same time, we designed the user interface in a way to allow you to edit the patch quickly with a minimal amount of paging and many workflow shortcuts.
14580,- /stk
(11664,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1061881
Mellotron M4000D 24 bit digital uncompressed audio playback unit with ca 100 Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds built in.
29500,- /stk
(23600,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1034465
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Sequential Pro 3

  • - Sequential Pro 3!

Sequential Pro 3 Special

  • Kommer snart - Sequential Pro 3 Special Edition!

DLX utleie

  • Vi har alt innen DJ utstyr og PA-anlegg for mindre og større tilstelninger.

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Aktuelle produkter

HX Stomp™ is a professional-grade guitar processor that delivers the sound of Helix® amps, cabs, and effects in an ultra-compact pedal.

5995,- /stk
(4796,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1058030
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