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Flea M 251

Classic Large Diaphragm Tube Microphone

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FLEA M 251, a stunning replica of the original 251, widely celebrated as one of the greatest microphones ever created.

Crafting this clone wasn’t just a project; it was a labor of love and dedication, requiring immense patience and deep passion due to the complexity and intricacy of its design.

Despite the challenges faced in its creation, the FLEA M 251 stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Every aspect of this microphone has been refined, even improving upon the original in certain areas.

Key Innovations:

  • Gold-Plated Components: All crucial connecting parts, pins, and terminals are gold-plated for enhanced conductivity and reliability.
  • Advanced Wiring: Following Andreas Grosser’s latest design improvements, the microphone boasts reduced noise, enhancing its already exceptional sound quality.


It comes equipped with:


  • Tim Campbell CT12 Capsule: A precise emulation of the CK12 capsule, known for its exacting sound reproduction.


  • T14/1 Transformer Clone: An identical replica of the original, ensuring the microphone retains the iconic sound of its predecessor.


  • Standard: 6072A Tube, carefully chosen for its contribution to the microphone’s tonal character.

Polar Patterns

  • Versatile with cardioid, figure-eight and omnidirectional options, accommodating a diverse range of recording scenarios.


A True Masterpiece:

The FLEA M 251 isn’t just a microphone; it’s a masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of its legendary ancestor. Experience the unparalleled clarity and warmth that this microphone brings to every recording.

Complete Set:

This exquisite microphone comes in a full set, including a flight case, a wooden box for safe storage, a power supply unit, a high-quality cable, and a yokemount for optimal positioning.