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Solid Gold FX EM-III

Multi-head Tape-Style Oscillating Delay with Octave and Modulation

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Welcome to the new SolidGoldFX EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo; the smallest, most powerful and by far the most versatile SolidGoldFX delay pedal to date.
Building on SGFX’s Electroman Delay legacy, the EM-III manages to both echo the past, present and future.
With EM-III’s wide-ranging yet ultra-intuitive control set, warm analog-voiced echoes, precise and modern delay, as well as experimental and futuristic sound designs, are all just a single stomp away.


Main Features:

  • Multi-Head Tape Delay pedal, with Octave and Modulation
  • 70 to 1000 mS delay time with Tap Tempo
  • Color Knob - for crisp and bright tape echo to super thin lo-fi repeats
  • Warp feature - for instant self-oscillation Wall-of-Sound Swells
  • Glitch feature - replicates snapping tape sounds
  • Switchable True Bypass/ Buffered Trails modes
  • Top-mounted jacks - for ease of pedalboard mounting 
  • Hand-made in Montreal, Canada 
  • Powered by a regular 9 V DC PSU 


Additional features include soft-touch, relay based, true bypass switching with the option of buffered trails, top jacks and up to a full second of delay time. 

Designed to inspire and evoke emotion, EM-III can sound as pretty and cheerful or as dark and macabre as you wish. 

We invite you to tune up, plug in and immerse yourself in the EM-III experience.