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Deluxe Music      Thorvald Meyers Gate 33A      Oslo
22 80 53 00
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The PSA-230S is the recommended power supply for products including all new BOSS Compact and Twin pedals, ME-50/-20/-20B Multi-effects, the DB-66/-88/-90 metronomes, DR-Series drum machines, FC-Series foot controllers, MC-202, SH-101, SP-202, TR-626, and all TU-Series tuners.

291,- /stk
(233,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1001733
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Have a pedal with a 2.5mm jack that requires center positive polarity? Connect our 2.5mm reverse polarity cable to Zuma or Ojai and power your inverted-polarity pedals.
100,- /stk
(80,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1053299
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Strømforsyning til pedaler med 7 stk 9V 500mA utganger og 2 stk 9V/12v/18 500mA utganger.
2850,- /stk
(2280,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1048911
Åtte 9v utganger og to 18V utganger Hver 9V utgang har en rød lysdiode som lyser i tilfelle av en kortslutning
1495,- /stk
(1196,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1038349
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Since its release, the Hot Stone Deluxe has garnered numerous accolades from players and techs worldwide. With its proven reliability, the Hot Stone Deluxe packs more clean power for your dollar. Featuring 8 isolated outputs, a magnetically shielded toroidal transformer, and two high current outputs, the Deluxe also includes 9V, 12V and variable outputs for added versatility. And, the selectable input voltage means not having to use separate power supplies for each country when touring. Compare with other power supplies and see why the DB-11 Hot Stone Deluxe flat out torches the competition.
1695,- /stk
(1356,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1044162
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Dunlop M238 ISO-Brick er en liten og lett strømforsyning, men full av støyfri DC-strøm som er klare for å drive dine pedaler. De ti utgangene er fullt isolerte, noe som eliminerer jordstøy gjennom strømmen.
1995,- /stk
(1596,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1045740
Y-kabel. 1 inn, 5 ut grenkabel for DC strømforsyninger til effektpedaler.
46,- /stk
(37,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1001217
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