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Ernie Ball EB-6191 Volt Power Supply

Ultrakompakt strømforsyningsløsning som passer inn i håndflaten

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The Ernie Ball Volt gives power to the pedal. With its multiple isolated, high current DC power outputs, the Volt supplies clean, regulated power to almost any digital or analog effects pedals. The compact and rugged housing can fit almost anywhere on even the densest pedalboard. If you need low noise and reliable power for any gig, the Ernie Ball Volt is perfect for your rig! 


  • Regulated 9 (300mA) and 18 Volt DC outputs (4 x 9V, 1x18V)
  • LED indicators for each input/output.
  • Short Circuit and thermally protected.
  • AC-adapter included
  • 5 DC Power cables included (500mm long)
  • Expandable via DC Thru output (18V output)
  • 90mm x 59mm x 23mm