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Chandler Limited RS660

The Chandler Limited RS660 Compressor is a handmade, mono/linkable, transformer-balanced valve (vacuum tube) compressor and limiter, configured in a dual rack space chassis with an internal power supply.

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Building upon advancements that began with the historic EMI RS124 and Fairchild 660 compressors used at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios during the 1960s, the Chandler Limited RS660 Compressor distills them into a refined and elegant compression circuit…that is the ‘RS660 Compressor.’



Channels: Mono
Circuit Tube (6386, 6CG7, 6AL5)
Inputs: XLR (pin 2 hot)
Output: XLR (pin 2 hot)
Other Transformer balanced I/O (custom wound)
Input Control: Variable (stepped special order)
Output Attenuator: Variable (stepped special order)
Time Constant: Selectable, Stepped (7 settings)
Compressor Modes: Selectable (THD, Limit, Comp)
Output Impedance: 200/600 ohms, switchable
Stereo linkable: Switchable, Standard 1/4" jack
Power: Internal power supply