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6 KITS | 11 MACHINES | MORE THAN 400 ELECTRONIC SOUNDS Drums, straight from the man who defined the sound of the ’80s: Hugh Padgham.

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Expansion for Superior Drummer 3 

If you spend ten minutes on a random radio station anywhere in the world, the likelihood that you catch one of Hugh Padgham’s productions is strikingly high. From some of the most iconic songs by Phil Collins, Genesis, The Police and Sting to seminal tracks by the likes of Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, The Human League, Paul Young, Melissa Etheridge and Paul McCartney, Hugh has had a hand in all. At that, not only did he help sonically package some truly timeless pieces of music, he also single-handedly pioneered the sound of an era. Ever wondered who the mastermind behind the iconic gated reverb snare drum was? That’s Hugh. Or who the pioneering engineers behind blending acoustic and electronic drums were? Hugh was definitely one of them. Needless to say, his footprint in music history, and especially so when it comes to retooling the role of the drums in a production, couldn’t be more obvious

  • Six (6) acoustic drum kits and upwards of 400 classic drum machine sounds
  • Recorded to analog tape making use of four legendary vintage consoles
  • Extra selections of acoustic kicks, snares and cymbals
  • Recorded by four-time Grammy Award-winning producer/mixer/engineer Hugh Padgham (Phil Collins, Genesis, Sting, The Police)
  • Inspired by some of the most defining works in Hugh’s discography
  • Captured at British Grove Studios in London, England
  • A generous selection of mix-ready presets by Hugh Padgham
  • Includes a bespoke MIDI library of drum grooves and fills inspired by Padgham’s discography