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Eventide EChannel Channel Strip

Channel Strip Plug-In

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EChannel is a versatile, lightweight version of the UltraChannel plug-in, but using fewer CPU cycles and provides a routable Gate, Parametric EQ, and Compressor. Its flexible modular design accommodates different signal processing routing, its graphical displays provide you adept precision in frequency adjustment, and its suite of controls give you a near infinite number of ways to generate exactly the tone and frequency characteristics you’re seeking.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn
  • Over 100 presets tailored for various instruments and use cases
  • FlexiPath™ Routing allows processors to be ordered based on the desired workflow.
  • Gate module removes signals below the designated threshold; great for multi-miked drum kits or fret noise.
  • Compressor alters the dynamics of your input signal, with optional soft saturation and de-esser.
  • Use the side chain to trigger gain reduction for competing instruments.
  • 5-Band Parametric EQ allows for precise frequency manipulation throughout the entire audio spectrum.
  • Output Transformer emulation adds a subtle yet distinct effect on signals with lots of low-frequency content or can be driven into saturation for analog warmth.