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Strymon Deco Plugin

Deco Tape Saturator and Doubletracker Plug-in

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  • Deco recreates the genuine sound and vibe of yesteryear’s recordings in a single plugin.
  • The Classic voice recreates the saturation and behavior of a professional open-reel mastering machine.
  • The Cassette voice recreates the saturation and compression characteristics of the ALC auto limiting circuit from 70’s high-end cassette decks.
  • The Doubletracker varies the offset between two tape decks to create phasing, flanging, chorusing, slapback and echo, for hyper-authentic vintage vibe.
  • Sum, Invert and Bounce modes determine how the audio from each tape deck is summed and output, allowing a ton of experimentation.
  • Wide Stereo mode creates a double bounce in stereo, Bounce mode creates a ping pong.
  • Normal and Studio (the default) level calibration allow for everything from a subtle blush of saturation to wonderfully distorted chaos.