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Neumann M49 V

Reissue of a Legendary Large Condenser Tube Microphone

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One of those iconic microphones that changed the landscape of recording in the 1950 and 1960s and set the reference sound for blues, jazz, pop, and classical music. When you hear masterpieces from legends like Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, or Barbra Streisand, or today’s top talents like Adele, you hear an M 49 at work. Sound engineers and artists alike keep vintage versions of the M 49 like treasures for a reason. And whoever is lucky enough to still have a historic version could easily sell it for a five-figure sum. 
For years and years our most experienced microphone experts trialed and tested until we came up with a product that even our most respected producers and sound engineers considered to be acoustically identical to the historic version, even in direct AB comparison.

  • Reissue of the legendary M 49 with detail improvements
  • Superb vocal microphone for male and female voices
  • Versatile microphone for all types of instruments
  • Made to original specifications using archived documentation
  • New pattern control unit automatically adapts to mains voltage
  • Handmade and hand-soldered in Germany