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K&M 11505

Notestativ med clamp

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Large foldable sheet music holder with a steel extension arm, to be screwed onto vertical stand tubes. The clamping range for the tubes lies between ø 11 and ø 30 mm. The distance of the sheet music holder to the stand tube can be steplessly adjusted on the extension arm ranging between 185 and 265 mm. The sheet music holder is clamped and aligned by means of a handy wing nut. For transport, it can be folded and retracted to save space.

  • Material: clamping element aluminum with protective plastic inserts, steel foldable desk
  • Music desk dimensions: 485 x 240 x 42 mm
  • Screw-on to: tube diameter up to 30 mm
  • Special features: large foldable music desk; adjustable in angle and depth
  • Tiefe: 42
  • Type: black
  • Weight: 1.74 kg