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Deluxe Music      Thorvald Meyers Gate 33A      Oslo
22 80 53 00
Mandag-Fredag: 10-18      Lørdag: 11-16

Effekter Bass

TLC står for Trans Linear Control og er en krets som Aguilar selv har utviklet for å oppnå en så fleksibel men samtidig så musikalsk kompressor som mulig.
2525,- /stk
(2020,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1032635
På weblager. Lev.tid 2-5 dager Finnes i butikk

The BOSS ME-50B puts world-class bass effects in a rugged floor unit with easy pedal-style control. Effects are divided into six sections—Compressor/Limiter, Master, Filter/Tone, Drive/Synth, Delay/Modulation and Expression Pedal—giving bassists a range of unique and powerful tones including new effects like Sound Hold, Octave Up and Kick Drum. Effects can be edited using 23 knobs and controlled via three built-in footswitches and an assignable expression pedal. This is the piece no bass player should be without!

2270,- /stk
(1816,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1014075
Med samme teknikk som er brukt i Whammy 5 har Digitechs teknikere tilpasset det siste tilskuddet i Whammy-familien for å brukes på bass.
1450,- /stk
(1160,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1042201
På weblager. Lev.tid 2-5 dager Finnes i butikk

The GEB-7 is a seven-band equalizer created specifically for the frequency range of the electric bass. Since the frequency range extends down to 50Hz, the GEB-7 is also great for adjusting depth and bottom end of an upright bass with pickups.

50Hz to 10kHz frequency range specifically designed for bass
Full range response, even for five- and six-string basses
Can be used as a "boost" or "cut" pedal using the level control knob
Great for eletric-acoustic bass applications
AC adaptor or 9V battery operation
Boss 5-year warranty

1029,- /stk
(823,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1005981

The BOSS SYB-3 was the world's first bass synthesizer to be packed into a compact pedal, and it found favor with experimentalists and tone afficiandos alike. Today, the next-generation bass-synth pedal has arrived ,_ the SYB-5. Utilizing the latest in DSP technology, the SYB-5 faithfully reproduces the fat and sharp sound characteristics of classic analog synthesizers.

1599,- /stk
(1279,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1005987

The ODB-3 Bass OverDrive delivers the chest-resonating distortion that hard rock, thrash, and punk bassists have been waiting for. This hot compact pedal has been designed specifically for bass applications.

1029,- /stk
(823,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1005985
Kompakt choruspedal basert på den legendariske Small Clone. Nå med ekstra funksjoner for bass.
795,- /stk
(636,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1050563
På weblager. Lev.tid ca 4-7 dager
Stomplab Pedalene i StompLab-serien inneholder masse effekter og realistiske simuleringer av populære bass og gitarforsterkere. Smidig multieffekt for elbass med 60 ulike effektyper.
750,- /stk
(600,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1036864


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