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Looptrotter Emperor 500 Limiter

Analog dynamics processor, which depending on the settings, can work as a compressor, limiter or harmonics distortion generator.

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 It’s design was inspired by limiters and transistor compressors from the 1960-ties. It uniquely enhances perceived loudness, warms up and brightens the audio signal in a very ear pleasant way. 

Two, independently working filters embedded in the control circuit create the timbre without unwelcome phase shifting. When filtering the low  frequencies is engaged, the module acts more transparent and natural. This setting decreases distortion of low frequencies and adds the  “pumping” effect.

When boosting of the high frequencies is engaged the module acts like an analog de-esser, or very fast compressor bringing control over bright sounding and dynamic instruments.

Attack/release presets:

  • FAST – makes the EMPEROR 500 puts the module in limiter mode. This preset gives rich, dense input signal saturation
  • MED  – makes the EMPEROR 500 work like a fast compressor
  • SLOW –makes the EMPEROR 500 work more like a vintage analog compressor rather than limiter

Independent DRY and WET signal control allows to achieve perfect blend between processed and dry signal in chain. The module may sound very subtle, adding slight colorization and preserving transients or aggressive when 100% of compression is engaged.