HT Series MkIII

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The award-winning HT range is one of Blackstar’s cornerstone valve amp series. Its focus on giving guitarists classic valve tones in a compact package has made it a mainstay in the homes and studios of professional and budding musicians. Our world-class R&D team have brought decades of knowledge and learning to create the new HT MK III series. The HT-1R MK III, HT-5R MK III and HT-20R MK III 
amplifiers retain all of the renowned features of the HT MkII series with the addition of CabRig, our worldclass IR-based DSP speaker simulator. CabRig gives guitarists access to 100s of different cabinet, mic, mic placement and room settings. These settings can be saved and stored into 3 presets which can be recalled directly from the amplifier for an incredible selection of tonal options when playing live or recording. The new panel has a clean, crisp look, cornerless covering combined with classic chickenhead knobs and a new paper fret. We have introduced high quality mini toggle switches, updated the LED colours and added a metal plate logo. Without doubt, the HT MK III look as good as they sound.