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Bricasti M7

The Bricasti Design Model 7 provides the highest level of musicality and ease of control imaginable in a processor dedicated to the task of reverberation.

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The V2 release brings new functionality to your M7 reverb processor while maintaining the simplicity of control and use of theV1 operations. Your new M7 has these new features installed and ready to use. Here is an overview of the new V2 package:
  • A new “larger than life” V2 reverb algorithm with associated new presets.
  • New delay and delay modulation parameters that are available in both the original V1 algorithm and presets and thenew V2 based algorithm and presets.
  • Expanded selection of Early Reverbs, available on both V1 and V2 algorithms.
  • New presets for both V1 and V2 algorithms, plus Non Linear presets
  • Enhanced Midi functionality with selective system exclusive dumps.
  • Mute and Bypass functions