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Eventide Blackhole Stomp Box

Amazing space effects!

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· Five presets loaded at your feet with dozens more available with Eventide Device Manager (EDM) software

· Control the Size of your space from a cartoonishly small room to a limitless universe

· Use PreDelay to offset the onset of the reverb

· Turn up Feedback to go beyond the event horizon

· Fine-tune your tone with Lo, Hi and Q (resonance) controls. Use the tone controls to add airiness or clear up the low-end. Map the EQ controls to an expression pedal to add movement to the reverb tail

· Tap the Freeze Footsiwtch to instantly 'freeze' your sound

· Dual action Active Footswitch is latching or momentary

· Rear panel Guitar/Line Level switch for selecting use with guitar, synths, FX loop or DAW interface

· Map any combination of parameters to an Expression Pedal

· Use a single Aux switch to Tap Tempo or a triple Aux switch for easy preset changing (up/down/load)

· MIDI capability over TRS (use with a MIDI to TRS cable or converter box)

· Multiple Bypass options: Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX or Kill dry

· Catch-up mode helps dial in your sound when toggling between presets/parameters

· Eventide Device Manager PC or Mac application for software updates, system settings and creating/saving presets

· Unique Gravity control to custom-tailor the reverb tail in two realms — normal or inverse decay.

· Create interesting swells or suck the dry signal back into the reverb tail. At longer decay times, Blackhole allows the articulation to shine through without competing with the reverb tail