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Tascam Mixcast 4

Podcast Mixer MTR USB Audio interface

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Features at a glance

  • Production of podcasts with up to four people: 4 mic inputs with auto-mix, 4 headphones outputs
  • Invite guests and friends: Mix-Minus to include call-ins with echo-free audio via Bluetooth, USB input or 4-pole TRRS audio cable
  • Sound pads for instant sound triggering and effects
  • Easy and intuitive control using a 5-inch touchscreen
  • Fully compatible with the dedicated Tascam Podcast Editor software to cover the entire production workflow
  • Records up to 14 tracks directly to an SD card (12 channels + stereo mix)
  • Built-in USB audio interface with 14 inputs and two outputs
  • Nine language options including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean


  • Four mic inputs over balanced XLR/TRS combo jacks
  • Four headphones outputs with independent volume controls
  • Headset input/output via 3.5-mm TRRS mini-jack (mirrors the output of headphones output 1)
  • Stereo line input, selectable between dual balanced TRS jacks and a 3.5-mm TRRS jack
  • Balanced monitor outputs via dual TRS jacks
  • Stereo line output via 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack
  • Eight Sound Pad buttonsUse these to instantly play effect sounds, jingles, background music or other audio material
  • Eight sound banks available for up to 64 sounds in total
  • Quickly switch between the eight sound banks via the touchscreen
  • One bank of sounds included (can be set with Podcast Editor)
  • Eight large channel faders to mix the levels offour mic signals
  • one stereo signal via USB
  • one stereo signal from a mobile device
  • one stereo signal via Bluetooth

The Sound Pad sounds

  • Mute and Solo buttons on each channel (sound pad channel: Solo only)
  • Talkback button for announcements to the podcast participants
  • Mark button to set marks for specific events or phases of the podcast during recording
  • Powered by low-noise DC 12 V (AC adapter with screw lock included as standard)
  • Software settings and processing

Mic channels:

  • Selection between Condenser (with 48 V phantom power) and Dynamic
  • Easy sound settings (Deep, Mid, Bright) or manual setting (two-band semi-parametric EQ), switchable on/off
  • Easy compressor settings (Soft, Hard) or manual setting with five parameters, switchable on/off
  • De-esser (three parameters) and noise supressor (five parameters)
  • Reverb (one mic channel only) with easy settings (Small, Medium, Large) or manual setting (five room types, three parameters), switchable on/off

USB, smartphone, Bluetooth stereo channels:

  • De-esser (three parameters) and noise supressor (five parameters)Easy audio enhancement settings (Talk, Music, Off)
  • Feature to play back, check, rename or delete recorded audio files
  • Sound pads:Select from six different methods of how sound pad sounds are played
  • Record sound pad sounds

Audio settings:

  • USB Mix-Minus on/off
  • Feedback prevention on/off
  • Line level output on/off
  • Solo mode pre/after fader
  • Display brightness, Auto power-off
  • Adjustable time delay for the USB output signal to compensate for any time delay between the unit’s audio and video signals played from a computer (0–2000 ms)
  • SD cards can be erased (quick or full erase) and used as a mass-storage device via USB
  • Bundled with dedicated TASCAM Podcast Editor application to cover the entire system workflowLoad audio files into Mixcast 4 to use them for the Sound Pads
  • Load recorded Podcasts from Mixcast 4 for editing and archiving
  • Record multiple audio tracks with your computer or mobile device