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ELTA Music PF-3 Polivox (Polivoks) Graphite Grey

Polivox (Polivoks) Parallel-Stereo Multimode Filter Graphite Grey

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The PF-3 is a stereo analog filter with four different filter modes onboard: lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch. These are available on both channels, it’s a stereo processor. You can link both filters with a switch so you can control two filters and CV simultaneously with a single knob.

Each filter can be controlled with dedicated frequency, resonance, level, and dry/wet controls. You can set the cutoff control either to soft or hard via a switch. There is also a noise generator with two flavors (pink/white) with dedicated level and balance control. The latter allows you to balance the signal per channel.

NOISE generator  - pink, white and channel balancing. 
FILTER 1 and FILTER 2 - CV  controls. 
LINK switches to control two filters and CV at the same time with one slice knob. 
SOFT/HARD cutoff control

Technical specifications:

  • Input audio signal level    Max 1.5 V 
  • Modulation CV lnput    - 5 to +5 V or 0 to + 10V
  • Power supply: universal mains adapter    110-220V / 12V 1A out
  • Filter weight    0,7kg
  • Packed weight     1 kg
  • Dimensions    175x135x50mm